Investigative Journalism

Investigation finds more than 100 convicted paedophiles openly using Instagram – an investigation for The Sunday Telegraph.

Instagram sends paedophiles to accounts of children as young as 11 – an investigation for The Sunday Times.

The Missing Bitcoin Billions – a BBC Radio File on 4 investigation by Geoff White reveals the UK company linked to the laundering of billions stolen from a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange.

Below: a playlist of Geoff White’s investigative work for television outlets including Channel 4 News, BBC News and ITV.

Geoff White’s investigation for BBC Radio 4’s File on Four revealed dozens of convicted child sex offenders still had live profiles on Facebook, raising questions about how social networks deal with the grooming of children.

He also exposed the hacking of sensitive data of almost 4m people from one of the world’s largest dating websites. He has also gone inside the police operation to tackle what was believed to be the biggest cyber-heist in history.

He has revealed how taxpayers are funding the roll-out of high street surveillance technology to push adverts onto mobile phones, and how gaps in the Government’s porn-filtering system are being exploiting by the adult industry, resulting in millions of pornographic tweets being made accessible to children.